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The Story of Country Roads Farm and Bakery

What We’re All About

We wanted to introduce everyone to our little family here at Country Roads Farm and Bakery!
This land has been farmed for many generations by Kirk family loved ones who left a legacy of faith, family, and serving others. We have opened a small bakery and farm store to share our passion for simpler living, and for feeding our growing family fresh bread and other baked goods free of preservatives. We are opening with part time hours as we enjoy the little years of our three sons and daughter.
Our farm store has a variety of things that we hope will add joy to your day. The ovens will be hot, the bread will be fresh and you will find baking that reminds you of Mom’s kitchen growing up when you visit.
We’ll be offering weekly features and our shelves will always look a bit different with a variety of baking. Come and try a loaf of bread, dinner buns, or something for your sweet tooth. Our freezer is full of different jams, ready to bake pies and freezer meals.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

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